Party at The Post debut in East Fort Worth, Riverside

Organizing or creating a social event while advertising artistic ability can be challenging. As for Saturday’s Party At The Post debut event at 2925 Race St. in East Fort Worth, the challenge was accepted and carried out nicely.17951691_10103893916816285_9062542258936412964_n1.jpg
Hosted by local musicians and artists, the event was supported by Facebook followers, DFW residents, the Riverside community and artists of different media.

Division Brewery and Hop Fusion along with Vendors from Cannon Chinese Kitchen, Shinjuku Station, and Gypsy Scoops catered guests while music from Day, Vylit, and Lindy’s Revenge gave a new perspective to the growing Riverside scene in DFW
Foxy Production affiliates stated the event gives outlet for productive artists and supporters of various artistic media.

Artists included: Sophia Ceballos, Troy Yingst, Brad Albright, Miles Reed, Julian Gonzales, Juan Grimaldo, Chris Najera, Jackdaw Folk Art, and Urban Castro.

Foxy Productions state that Party at the Post will be held on a monthly basis and say their productions are done in a live atmosphere and market to that of a small art festival.

In a Press release, Foxy Productions state their goal is to strengthen the artistic scene in respect to both music and visual arts. The method involves providing extraordinarily talented DFW Artists a venue in which to present their work.

To contact Foxy Productions email the group at:

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