Artspace 111, Fortress Fest Host VIP Pre Party, RTJ’s Trackstar the DJ


Photo Credit: Adrian Gandara

Artspace 111, located in Eastside Fort Worth, TX, and Fortress Fest organizers hosted a special hush-hush VIP Fortress Fest pre-party with renowned Run The Jewels’ Trackstar the DJ.

Attendees with free drinks in hand viewed acts of interpretive dance and art of different media, while Run The Jewels’ Trackstar the DJ  span the one’s and two’s entertaining the estimated 150 guests.

Trackstar the DJ played jazzy hip-hop vinyl, which mixed well with the casual environment.

Guests looking forward to see the Run The Jewels DJ perform a 2-3 hour set; ate tacos and other festive food provided by Food Truck Taco’s Limon at Artspace 111’s entrance way.

Artspace 111 director and artist Margery Gossett kept guests informed with any questions fortress fest goers might have about the Art center.

Trackstar the DJ, performing with Run The Jewels stated that RTJ are not sure of what songs their set list will consist of for the Fest but mentioned the headliners third album and original hits will most likely be preformed.

Fortress fest gates open at 5pm today at The Modern art Museum in Fort worth and the surrounding areas of Will Rogers.

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