A Look Back: A Moment With Sally Majestic, Anniversary show at Lola’s Saloon

17264693_10101589989056164_7878937832318937383_n.jpgPJ Fry, Scott Griffin and Tim Cowdin are the original members of the Fort Worth based band, Sally Majestic. The band played their first gig in 2001 at the Across the Street Bar in Dallas, TX, which after 16 years might not be a venue at this point.

Marc Green who ran for congress a few years ago is a fan of Sally Majestic and invited the band to play for the Bernie Sanders event at Verizon Theater.

The band along with other performers played for the rally Thursday afternoon and got a good reaction from Bernie and the crowd, saying the event was very exciting and Bernie’s team put the function together well.

Currently living in Colorado Fry says the band plays gigs back and forth from Colorado to Fort Worth. The somewhat traveling band recently performed at a players disc golf party in Tulsa, but Fry states the band still keeps their day job like everyone else.

Fry says if Sally Majestic got gigs regularly it would pay the bills, but living in Colorado while playing shows booked far enough in advance, is still worth the while.

Fry and the band are the primary promoters when booking gigs, but state that Ben Napier is the go to guy to pull off a show, which includes recording in Napier’s studio and shooting videos, which Fry states was done earlier this evening.

Fry says if the band had a manger it would definitely be Napier.

Napier, owner of Green Audio Productions brings together 12 years of experience as an engineer, song-writer and multi-instrumentalist, while providing competitive and professional audio production to artists and music venues across the DFW area.

During the bands earlier years recording and getting put out into the scene was taken lightly, but in 2009, with the help of the green haired Napier The band recorded a self-titled album released in 2010, with Napier engineering and producing. Another album recorded in 2013 and released in 2014 was Remote agent. The band has recently released an album in 2016 called Rate Of Exchange

Leroy Miller III headman for the band Leroy The Prophet says that Sally Majestic’s 2016 Album, Rate of Exchange is great and enjoyable. “I’ve known that band forever and the guys are good friends of mine. PJ and Scotts on guitar, you cant beat that and adding the horns adds a SKA flair. They put on an incredible show,” He said. “Over the years we put shows on together but tomorrow we have a huge mix. Sally Majestic starts with a vibration and puts out a good vibe. As their set progresses, the next thing you know the crowd is into and it’s an amazing thing.”

Miller III said that anytime Sally Majestic performs a show it’s done at 100 percent and says the band loves playing music. “There’s nothing more enjoyable than watching them play.”

The annual birthday/anniversary bash started two years ago, this being the third birthday for the Fort Worth band and as Fry states will be done annually giving it a “festival time feel.”

The anniversary is always celebrated around 420. While the band’s luck made for good attention over the years Fry says the band has been lucky enough in having support and return the favor to younger up and coming bands.

As for upcoming shows Fry says that the band has no gigs coming up and no dates yet, but have booked a spot at The End of Summer Fest at The Grotto on University in Fort Worth. The band will likely perform outside due to the 10-piece band not able to fit on The Grotto stage, but are also trying to bring out big production shows.

The band shows appreciation and thanks to many fans and other contributors over the years like Up to Eleven Entertainment, which Fry states has always been a big help, also to Lola’s Saloon part-owner Brian Forella.

The Wreck room was the original home base for the band several years ago before it was shutdown. While also playing small gigs The Wreck Room treated the band well and welcomed them for shows.

Sally Majestic says the band is comfortable playing at Lola’s venue, they have also spent time at other venues.

Eric Griffey, writer at Fort Worth Weekly who performs in Rivercrest Yacht Club, are also in the lineup for the anniversary show and has also been great at promoting Sally Majestic. “Fort Worth Weekly focuses in a certain amount of bands, but Griffey helped with throwing the Sally name in the mix,” Fry says.

Fry and Sally Majestic say there are so many people in Fort Worth to thank and say that, “naming a few supporters does an un-justice, but you know who you are. Everyone has been like family than friends over the years.”

Sally Majestic will hit the stage at 10:30pm and play about a two-hour set at Lola’s Saloon in Fort Worth, while Fort Worth band, Duell, will end the night at the inside stage of Lola’s.


Outside Stage:
6:00pm Black Market Garden
7:00pm Leroy the Prophet
8:00pm Animal Spirit
9:00pm Rivercrest Yacht Club

Inside Stage:
8:45pm We Are Band Nerds
9:30pm The Me-Thinks
10:30pm Sally Majestic
12:00am Duell

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