An Editorial: Identity Through the Representation of Self-Expression

en-la-calle-vol-1-issues-2-mockup_page_1En La Calle Music and Lifestyle Magazine is oriented for a younger audience, not just young Latinos. We are all Mexican, Filipino, Cuban, or come form a mixture of colors of the cultural rainbow. We might even be certain of our own identity from the perspective of others. At first look, as a white conservative; dark brown liberal, black; straight; gay; transgender; bisexual; just normal or identified as lacking, or a more than fortunate human being.

Much like the flashback of the ’60s with some of the same issues that seem to be occurring in our nation and neighborhoods all over the world. It seems to be more than obvious that it does matter to be characterized, even if you are fair skinned. Everyone and anyone can be characterized, which in a way is unfortunate.

Being a part of the Millennial generation and bordering the baby boomer generation, it is extremely hard to identify as anything but a productive member of society without the accompanying identity of characterization, especially with an identifiable historical past. We are simply human, so what outlet do any of us have to realize our own self without being characterized by social fingers pointing out who we are and the correct way one should act.

It is through self-expression that every man, woman and child will realize who they are and realize their own identity to define their own character, without outside forces.

We have artistic expression to help define our own character and identity. Music, dancing, singing, painting and photography, any media of art can position our attitude and character to help with realizing who we are as an individual. Physical exercise, writing and poetry — like the former acts of all of our predecessors — humans are allowed to express the way they feel in any way they seem fit and with that comes self-Identity. In a world that is tangled in opinion of who or whom are considerably genuine or not, how could self-expression be so wrong or considerably bad?

The cover photo of this edition of En La Calle is of the French artist, Thierry Guetta, AKA “Mr. Brainwash” a now world-renowned street artist in Los Angeles. The artist became famous with the help of many other street artists, including the elusive and anonymous artist, Banksy.

Taking the example of Street Art, which has turned into a movement starting in the mid-nineties. The artist, Guetta, documented artists expressing their own political views in a somewhat rebellious and illegal way, which is captured in the original documentary, Exit Through the Gift Shop: A Banksy Film. Artists from around the globe were documented making their identifiable mark on the walls of buildings. Not in an obscene way, such as, “So and so was here,” on a simple curb. The artists’ work or graffiti was becoming their mode of self-expression and at the same time attributed to the artists’ identifiable work as a “Banksy” or “Mr. Brainwash” piece. The noticeable Street Art was seen by society as a whole, giving an identity to the anonymous artists’ self-expression.

There is nothing wrong with artistic expression in any form, even in broken nihilistic art, which in an abstract way, still art.

By breaking through the monotonous everyday lifestyle, which can be draining, many people use different modes of self-expression as their own identifiable outlet while might not realizing it. Whether through a Facebook post or simple conversation, in any way, shape, form or fashion, there is always an outlet for self-expression.
Become yourself through the act of expression in any way you wish, there are no limits. We are the makers of dreams and the owners of our own self-worth in a very judgmental world so never be afraid to challenge naysayers. Even through failure there is self-knowledge, learning and experience.

Splatter paint, howl at the moon and sing in the air and dance. Strike a hard heavy chord on a guitar, stomp your feet or run a mile to nowhere in your favorite gym or the empty streets. There is and will always be a form of self-expression and with that comes the reward of self-identification.


Juan R. Govea
En La Calle Editor-In-Chief

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