Doma Kid Set To Release Valentines Day Single “MTV”

Doma Kid | Photo by Keenan Robbins


By Juan R Govea

Heralding from a not-yet released downloaded Google “MTV.wave” Drive comes the newest caliber tunes from Doma Kid. Fronting originally from Denton, TX the urban downtown Rasta-like five-piece made their breaking Bandcamp debut album in late April, 2019, 20XX. Since then the group has seemed to have taken an approach to a newfound music making to their sound mixings with their Spotify release branding the group’s new age culture sounds with their single, “Seatbelts” to their latest release “MTV,” set for a Valentine’s Day release.

Compared to other main vocalists, Samuel Decker with background noise by Josephe Listrom and Cameron Crowley along with Timothy Cranford on Guitar and Cesar Luna on Drums, the musically comprised Mastered tracks by Austin, TX’s Nate King sets a rhythmic tone with an evened out beat by vocalist Decker on the mic.

For starters the band recorded their last release from their newest original sound flow with more than 100 monthly Spotify listeners, based on the current following. The February 14th track sets to be the second release keeping with formidable presence as a single, available to stream on all platforms. Bearing a more obvious lyrical rap monologue throughout the lyricist’s more than dominant flowing trance. “MTV,“ grants the new release a due salute to DFW hip-hop lyricists with overall flow, technique and sound.

“The current lineup is the 5 of us, and its all mixed and recorded ourselves.”
– Cesar Luna

The Single Chimes in with guitar strokes carrying Decker’s lyrics throughout the almost 4 minutes of “MTV” with jazzy breakdowns and lyrical references to MTV’s 1979 music video premiere of “Video Killed The Radio Star.”

“Video killed the radio star. Internet killed the video star. I just want to stay alive and hold you in my arms… So I killed the internet.” The song takes the persuasion of being glorified as a one hit wonder with the release paying somewhat tribute to the single’s efforts as becoming something a bit more than original and pleasing to the ears at the same time.

Engaging to the fond likings of California group CAKE or the sounds of 311 and other indie-like sound wavers reaching ears in North Texas, you can catch the group at Deep Ellum Art Company at 3200 Commerce St, Dallas, Texas 75226, March 17.

MTV.JPGDoma Kid “MTV” | Keenan Robbins


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