Upsetting, Goodwill, Goodwill Release New Singles/ Music Video With Never Friends / Sealion at Andy’s Denton TX


Photos and Blurb by All Hallows Productions’ Erin Shea Devany on the Denton/DFW Beat!

All Hallows Productions You Tube:

With a new decade having rolled in, it’s an ideal time for bands to introduce fresh music into the world. Both Upsetting and Goodwill, Goodwill released their first singles of 2020 on January 31st, and they’re both incredibly powerful representations of two emotionally bold bands. Goodwill, Goodwill’s new single “Always, Often” is an impactful song that drags you by the shoulders into facing trauma and your own demons. You can find the song, along with their first EP, on Spotify. 

Upsetting’s single “Hunter/Christian” was accompanied by a wholesome music video that captures the energy of Denton perfectly. It jumps between 30 locations, with over 130 cuts in total to match the measures of the song. You’ll probably recognize a few of the spots as Denton landmarks, and it’s hard not to feel a little proud of this tiny town while being reminded of the wonders it contains. You can watch the official video, directed by yours truly (All Hallows Productions) here! 

Hunter Christian” video directed by Charlie DeBolt

The bands accompanied their new releases with an incredible show at Andy’s in the heart of the square, bringing together two other wonderful bands (Sealion and Never Friends) to round the night out. So many people who are dedicated to the music these bands put into the world came out to support, and the room felt warm despite the frigid temperatures outside. The songs and video were met with so much appreciation, once again reminding us of the supportive and creative community that is Denton, Texas. 

Goodwill, Goodwill

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Never Friends

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