Sub-Sahara’s 10-15 Will Melt the I.C.E.


By Juan R Govea

Dallas punk group, Sub-Sahara, have recently released their third single titled 10-15. Recorded and mastered by Robby Rux (The Fibs, Dreamy Life Records) at Cloudland Studios along with mastering by Joe Tacke (Mean Motor Scooter) the single holds strong emotions through retaliation against the current political structure.

Featured on Dallas’ news outlet Central Track’s Song of the Day where the song debuted a few weeks ago. The group will be heading out on tour with a free kick off event October 11 at 2653 Commerce Dallas, Ruins Deep Ellum.

Available now on Bandcamp and most streaming platforms along with the groups past releases, which include three EPs since 2016, the group states the latest single’s proceeds will be donated to RAICES, a nonprofit agency that promotes justice by providing free and low-cost legal service to undeserved immigrant children, families and refugees.


Group members include Aaron Mireles (bass, vocals, synth), Elvis Martinez (guitar, backing vocals) and Alex Mireles (drums, backing vocals). With a ferocious new wave like post punk approach to many themes the group brings to the stage, the new single takes a stand against organizations such as I.C.E. and the current immigration reform upheld by current political leaders.

Sub-Sahara at Dreamy Life Records Fort Worth 2017 | Photo: Benjamin Oliver Hicks
3. sub-sahara.jpg
Sub-Sahara at Spinster Records Dallas 2018 | Photo: Jessica Waffles

Lead vocalist, Mireles, says the single’s title was based off border patrol code “10-15” for aliens in custody. Giving a clearer picture to the singles lyrics as well intense rage and beat, saying the motivation behind the single is clear and precise.

“I think the most important thing we can do is to spread awareness of the situation. People need to empathize and have compassion towards immigrants. Its very easy to judge and criticize people’s stories,” he says. “One of our friends was recently arrested and sent to a detention center, this was after we had recorded the single but it still affects us and her loved ones.”

The group says the recording for the single and overall melody went very quickly with about an hour into a practice session and two weeks later entering the studio in Fort Worth, TX.

Bandcamp link:


It’s a brand new day
You’re getting ready to serve
You’re getting ready to hunt

You’re gonna do a good job
You’re gonna look your best
In your new uniform
(In your new uniform)

You’re gonna beat them all
You’re gonna round them up
And send them all back home

This is your holy land
You will enforce the law
With your shiny gun
(With your shiny gun)

But we’re breaking out of our cage

You are a superstar
You are gonna win this war
Against the “criminals”

Don’t let them steal your jobs
Don’t let them find their hope
They’re just like animals
(Like animals that bite back)

You cannot separate
You cannot decimate
We will outnumber you

And all the camps will burn
And all your walls will fall
Your hate is not enough
(Your hate is not enough)

But we’re breaking out of our cage

We will melt the ICE (x16)

img_4351Aaron Mireles of Sub-Sahara at Spinster Records Dallas | Photo: Jessica Waffles




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