Denton Psych Rock Trio Maestro Maya Release Debut EP

Copy of 21-3Maestro Maya | Contributed Photo by Dreamy Soundz Records

By Juan R Govea

Josh Cinquemani, Jonahs Downer and Andres Serrano emerged from the echoes of 3 different regions of Texas forming psych group Maestro Maya. Pulling from various genres while paying respect to inspirations pushing the group to express their spirits through improvised musical talents formed a bond transcending through time and space.

The debut EP out of Dreamy Soundz Records is a journey through the subconscious; rich with soundscape dimensions beyond the comprehension of mind.

Side A expresses altered earthly tones, grounding the listener’s experience to another world. Layers of ambience and drone-like tones enter the listener’s alien like communion carrying the way through “Gates of Dawn.”

Track two, “Dreamtime Merchant,” breaks through familiar consciousness coinciding with a dream like hidden message from a mysterious source leading to Side B’s tribal like beat pulling the human psyche to a metaphysical “Eternal Altar” reverencing an unearthly realm revealing the new release’s hidden message of “Time Traveler’s Mantra.”

The EP is a must have for spaced-out psych fans and lovers of original Texas psychedelic promising to take listeners to a deeper ambiance of kraut, psych, and space gazed vibes expressed in perfect unison.

Maestro Maya’s EP is available on cassette, CD, and digital formats.

MM - CD Front(1)

Available here

You can catch Maestro Maya at their second release show scheduled for September 20 at Main At South Side (MASS) in Fort Worth, TX featuring Maestro Maya, Fogg, Strays, and Stem Afternoon.


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