Waffles Weekly August Edition

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Kyoto Lo-Fi1. Kyoto Lo-Fi.jpg

I heard about this band for at least a year before I finally had a chance to experience their powerful presence at Double Wide last June in support of Ruff Wizard’s EP Release “Ruff Thymes.” Something about their “hell yeah, whatever” attitude had the crowd gripped in this little universe the band created in the room. Recently interviewed by Wavelength Magazine, leader Nico touched on the idea that the band moves through several different sounds – not in any particular genre all the time. “Kyoto Lo-Fi is Kyoto Lo-Fi. We’re not going to try to pigeonhole ourselves… just fuck it, do what Damon Albarn did and pump out good songs. That’s what matters.” -Nico. Listen to their new single, “Flowering Boulder” everywhere now & catch them live at Three Links in Deep Ellum 8/10/19 in support of Nervous Curtains’ album release.

Artemis Funk

3. Artemis Funk.jpg

This spicy 7-piece is complete with spunk, good vibes & an incomprable groovy presence on stage. I’ve been obsessed since checking them out at Haltom Theater during Localpalooza 2. Their song “Maze” was recorded live and can be found on their YouTube channel, showing you just how this soulful band gets down. The crowd couldn’t get enough, packed at the front of the stage & picking’ up what Artemis Funk was putting down. Dual-fronted by singer/saxophonist Patrick Pombuena & singer/trumpeter Gabriel Parker, their unique style gets hips moving along with their magnetic rhythms & vibrant vocals. Their debut recording is imminent, having started production in early July. Catch them playing live at the 4th Annual Funkytown Gitdown 8/24/19 @ Shipping & Receiving Bar. 

Kirk Holloway

2. Kirk Holloway.jpg

This young man became infatuated with the soulful sounds of classic country, recently releasing his debut EP Lonesome in the Lonestar State – influenced by storytelling lyrics & honky tonk sad boy vibes. I’ve seen him play solo dozens of times over the past few years, always pickin’ & grinnin’ singing the songs close to his heart. The EP release party at The Free Man in Deep Ellum featured a killer full band plus a guest set by The Roomsounds. His familiar light-hearted stage presence filled the room that night, his natural charm coming through the slight twang in his singing voice. The 5-song EP showcases this artist’s talented songwriting style, produced by Ryan Michael. Check out the full band live at Twilite Lounge Dallas 8/10/19, Ferris Wheelers 8/16/19 and Sundown at Granada 8/30/19.

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