The Chillamundo Effect

From Left: Nick Tittle, Neal McAlister, Denver Williams, Caleb Stanislaw |Chillamundo | Photo Credit: Jessica Waffles


By Juan R Govea

Fort Worthians Chillamundo Paper Airplane album release blasts at Lolas Saloon

Chillamundo represents the collected, focused musical efforts of four worthy Fort Worthians. Founded in the year of our Lord 2016 anno domini by interstellar expressionist Denver Williams (Deep Sleepers, Vincent Neil Emerson’s, Chingalotus, Dope Hammer, Mega Hoof), Chillamundo exists to press against the feeble boundaries of modern rock / pop / musical noise. If one was to consider Chillamundo as a response to, well, the crap that you hear when you turn on the radio, then one would be able to understand 1) our cultural need for music that doesn’t suck (i.e. Chillamundo and Journey)  and 2) our collective desire for music that pushes said boundaries and crushes the rules.

So, what is a Chillamundo? Is it a chilled out armadillo? Is it a burrito with ice cream on top? Maybe it’s the best band that you’ve never heard of from Fort Worth, Texas. Maybe it’s Donkey Kong’s cousin. Maybe it’s the sound giant rocks and engine blocks make when you throw them into a swimming pool. Today Chillamundo consists of Denver “Slab” Williams (NOT the famous actor “Denver Williams” of Ray Donovan and Arlington Road fame), Neal “Fuzz Face” McAlister (probably an alien life form from Sirius B), Caleb “Stanislam” Stanislaw (The Hendersons, Deep Sleepers), and super handsome Nick “Nicholas Titticles” Tittle (Arenda Light, Vodeo).

The newest release from Chillamundo came out October 20th, 2018, where Paper Airplane dropped and Hellfire broke loose. Last year’s Radio is On was well received; Paper Airplane builds upon the vibe and songwriting that gave Radio its legs. Paper Airplane was recorded at Cloudland Studio in Fort Worth by Peter Weirenga.  The album release show at Lola’s included local talents, Tommy Luke, Vincent Neil Emerson and War Party.

Denver Williams lead guitar and lead vocals. Photo Credit: Jessica Waffles

Who is Denver Williams? Try this experiment at home:  Take a half empty keg of Miller High Life, cram three burritos and a loop pedal inside, set it in the Texas summer sun, and six hundred and sixty-six hours later take the keg to an indoor trampoline park, roll it out onto the biggest, floppiest, kid-infested trampoline there, and then give all said kids a Route-44 Slurpee.

Neal McAlister backup vocals and guitar | Photo Credit: Jessica Waffles

Ah, Neal McAlister. A fine being. Neal is like the boyfriend you wish you had when you were in college. He’s dreamy, deep, well-read, and a snappy dresser. But beneath the vest and Windsor-knotted tie is a naked bodhisattva screaming into a hurricane, blue currents of electricity trickling from his gnarled fingers, streams of water flinging from his thick beard as he shreds the storm into puddles of harmless hurricane babies. He alchemically mixes the infernus with the aethereal, and his conduit–a Stratocaster, some pedals, and a tube amp–can barely contain or translate the fervor of his artistry. McAlister coaxes sounds and tones out of guitar that the finest synthesizers could never mimic–nay! These are the sounds of dragons made fast in unmeltable chains! These are the sounds of men rising up against tyranny! These sounds are the sounds of continents grinding, of planets colliding, of stars misaligning! These are the sounds of fallen angels impaled on God’s mighty Ticonderoga #2, and all of this–ALL OF THIS–comes out of the pink calloused fingertips and pinker brain flesh of humble star-born Mr. Neal McAlister!

Caleb Stanislaw Bass and backup vocals for Chillamundo | Photo Credit: Jessica Waffles

Drawn like a moth to the flame of Fuzz Face’s banshee-guitar and Slab’s kickass songs, Caleb Stanislaw recently became one with Chillamundo, filling the sonic hole left by greener-pastures-seeking Charles “Prez” Marchbanks (Henry the Archer, Chingalotus).  Now a new sonic algorithm has emerged. We’re still crunching the numbers on this, because Stanislam brings guitar-influenced bass insanity to the mix. Emboldened by pedal alchemists Williams and McAlister, Mr. Stanislaw has reportedly conquered his fear of effects pedals and fully embraced bit crunching, granular delay sweeps, and phased flange. New territory is being found, claimed, and built upon by Chillamundo.

Nick Tittle Drummer backup vocals for Chillamundo | Photo Credit: Jessica Waffles

Nick Tittle is the sexiest man alive. He is also the future father of my children. He is also my father (I hope). He is also the father of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Former President Barack Obama. Careful ladies!  this one’s super taken and I will fucking kill you if you look at him for more than like one second unless you are looking so you can say to ME, “well, damn you the luckiest (deleted) in the whole fucking world but I ain’t trying to hit that”. Hitting that is what NT (Nikki Tush) Nay Nay freakin’ do tho, lemmie tell you what. He can slap them skins and get that brass so damn oily and greased up that you. be. cryin. because good god damn don’t let that boy get a tan, I need some of that Cream with my coffee.

Paper Airplane is sure to set the stage for the group in a new way, which took flight at Lola’s Saloon October 20th for their album release party.

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