39883520_10156588551799784_2864954808060608512_oRitchy Flo | Photo Credit: Prynce P

By Juan R Govea

Local Dentonites have likely encountered musician and street magician Ritchy Flo. The well-known master of magic has been featured in local broadcasting outlets and astounded the Denton scene with magic comparable to that of the well known David Blaine.

Tricks involving technical magic and somewhat sorcery, Flo conjures his talent not only on the streets of Denton, but as a profession with artistry including hip hop and Rap performances in North Texas.

“I’ve been doing magic since I was six years old,” Flo says. “I remember being eight or nine years old and getting a magic set for my birthday.”

Recently the Flo performed his act to a large crowd consisting of magicians with more than 30 years of experience up their sleeve at the local magic club Magic In The Living Room.

The monthly magic show takes place at 940 E. Beltline in Richardson, TX. Magicians, including host Dal Sanders, invited Flo for the magical performance earlier this month.

38533733_2611892825503079_1738964994667577344_oRitchy Flo | Photo Credit: Kody Tuna Pryor

After noticing Flo’s story on DFW’s ABC News, Sanders made it a point to have Flo perform at Magic In The Living Room.

“I didn’t know of any other magicians in the area, before the Richardson show,” Flo says. “My profession is entertainment, everything I do, I try to make the best, like involving magic in my rap shows as well.”

A prominent figure at Dallas’s Confetti Eddies Magic Parlor located at 823 Exposition Ave., Flo says his act at the parlor is always welcoming and draws a decent crowd.

The magician has a variety of acts, from making inanimate objects appear to throwing a burst of fire from his hand. Flo is more than making his abilities known to fans and other magicians, saying he would love to be involved with local and global magic clubs such as Sanders’ The Magic Circle, and The Society of American Magicians.

Besides his magical acts and rap talents you can keep up with Flo’s weekly Flog on YouTube as well on Soundcloud at Ritchy Flo Beats, which he calls “craftmatic adjustable beats.”

Ritchy Flo on You Tube


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