“Little Things,” Roasted Bones Single |In Review | New EP Out Soon

Roasted Bones
By Caleb Stanislaw
New tune “Little Things” from Austin band The Roasted Bones takes its turn carrying the torch lit by West Coast party heros like Slightly Stoopid, Pepper, Sublime, and The Long Beach Dub All Stars, among others. The ska / punk / reggae / dub “Little Things” makes me want to chill at the beach with my friends. As a single for their upcoming EP MOTAvation, it definitely has piqued my curiosity. “Little Things” makes you bob, dance a little, sway, and just as you’re into the groove, they double time it for you.
The Roasted Bones have their summer cut out for them. Through June, July and August they’ll be playing various dates in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona. (Hit up their site, www.theroastedbones.com for show dates). As a six piece band complete with horns and a kickass rhythm section, The Roasted Bones bring a powerful show. Their freshman EP MOTAvation will drop this summer. Clean your bong, and keep a sharp lookout for The Roasted Bones.


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