Anthony Silassie, From Dark to Light, New Release Road To Zion 3


By: Juan R Govea

Taking the name after the Emperor of Ethiopia “Haile Selassie I, Jah Rastafari,” Dallas’ Hip-Hop artist Anthony Silassie has more than become a self-made musician in the Dallas music scene.

Born in Ohio surrounded by the likes of several musical genres and influences such as MTV, which enamored his excitement of visual music; Silassie attributes his past experiences working with several artists across the nation not only in his past albums but as well during his current solo career. Starting in 2015 Silassie expanded his works becoming two different entities, which are expressed in his two recent albums, I Am Silassie Black, and I Am Silassie White. The solo-artist collaborated with 15 artists and 10 producers from Dallas, Ohio, and Canada and is working on a new release scheduled to be out early 2018, Road to Zion 3.

Silassie states that while progressing his unique style of not only hip-hop, but as well instrumental knowledge he would more than be classified as a rap or hip-hop artist than that of the general norm of the classifying genre.


Granted, Silassie states while growing up and becoming accustomed to the rap and hip-hop genre, he never expected to excel at the musical art form that is Silassie. Taking personal real world experiences and hardships growing up in an obstruct environment, Silassie’s outlet from his past are prevalent in his music and lyrics, as what he states, influences the musical culture.

“I want people to see my vision on being someone that’s moving the culture,” Silassie states. “I never in my mind thought I would be in the position that I am in today.”

Silassie’s Record Label and studio located in Dallas is where the artists layed down the tracks for his new and past two albums.

“Originally I am Silassie was meant to be a 33 track album,” he said. After taking advice from Mike Jones (Warner label musician) and other musicians in his league Silassie states the 33 track album turned into, I am Silassie Balck, and I am Silassie White.


Silassie says the new release, Road To Zion 3 is meant to invite the listener into the life of his musical expression. With the first track being somewhat pleasant and the last dark and dramatic, Silassie states there are several ways the album can be interpreted but is meant to be listened from the last track to the first.

You can find Silassie’s tracks and recent works on Soundcloud at:

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